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  • Business Intelligence
  • Corporate services
  • Technological Foresight and Business Matching activities
  • Design and management of research projects
  • Strategic marketing
  • Organisation of events, seminars and conferences


Rete Penta is the network-party that manages the “Tuscany Technological District for Sailing and Portuality”, whose foundation is one of the results of a complex and more general reorganisation programme for the regional technological transfer system.

Rete Penta is a three-year project that ensures there is a structured and efficient plan to develop and manage Business Intelligence tools at the service of enterprises in the district, mainly dealing with the dissemination of technology, the generation of strategic information, the activation of relationships between companies and a research and innovation system.

The activities of the district involve the development of innovation and technology through actions in relation to construction sites, supply chain companies, marinas and ports.
In regard to shipyards, the proposed services aim to encourage and organise innovative production processes and technology transfer thanks to collaboration between companies, training and shared promotion of the industry.
For companies, especially SMEs, the objective is to consolidate companies via services aimed at strengthening their identity and position in the market.
Finally, with regard to ports and marinas, the aim is to strengthen the sea-land relationship through strategic marketing activities, economic animation, communication and the organisation of events.